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High Temperature Ceramic Coatings will enhance performance through the management of heat & thermal shock generated during the combustion process & assist in maintaining high temperature gas flow velocities.

The unique Ceramic Polymer based composition of our ceramic coatings provide unrivaled thin film surface performance and aesthetic properties for your automotive, power-sport, marine, or aviation application where you are seeking improved performance and looks.

Our High Temperature specialty coatings provide heat refraction properties to temperatures up to 980 C allowing for cooler, more efficient, and higher performing engines.

With a multiple range of Performance Ceramic Coatings & colours covering High Temperature, Thermal & Heat Management, Heat Transfer, Dry Film Lubricants, Performance Clears & aesthetic qualities, our range will add a unique finish to casings, suspension, engine components, frames, wheels, carburetors.

Call to discuss 021 940 949  Or email for details info@ppcr.co.nz

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